Government Innovation


Innovative funding to ‘spark’ change in government by supporting pilot programs and high risk expansion that help government work better for residents.

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An innovative and prosperous city needs protection from the latest threats. With support from MFLA’s SPARK grants, this partnership builds the foundation for the nation’s first-ever city-based cybersecurity lab.

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Mobility & Transportation

With support from the Toyota Mobility Foundation, a set of innovative machine learning technologies help traffic planners study the movement of pedestrians and bicycles, maximizing safety for everyone on the road.

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Transportation Tech Fellow

Embedded with LADOT, the one-year fellowship developed an action plan for Los Angeles to take advantage of technology as it looks to develop transportation solutions.

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Bloomberg i-team

L.A.’s Bloomberg Innovation Team (i-team) is a nexus for next-generation civic initiatives at City Hall. Using data-driven techniques, the i-Team generates new solutions to challenges facing L.A.

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Operations Innovation Team

Through a deep dive into LA’s bureaucratic processes and outreach to other cities, the Operations Innovation Team (O-Team) successfully delivered on its mission of aspirational government reform in the areas of wellness and safety, procurement and real estate.

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