Citizenship & Immigration Outreach

Millions of immigrants live in Los Angeles. MFLA backs programs that help them access services and integrate further into the life of L.A.

Welcoming immigrant Angelenos and integrating them into this great city.

The immigrant population in Los Angeles County is 3.5 million.

58 percent of Los Angeles children have at least one immigrant parent, and 44 percent of all Los Angeles households are headed by an immigrant. In partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, MFLA continues to support efforts to make immigrants welcome and integrate them into L.A.’s vibrant economy. With StepForwardLA, we convened a diverse group of stakeholders to create a central platform with resources ranging from citizenship class/workshops, know-your-rights presentations, and ESL classes.

We backed Cities for Citizenship (C4C), a national public-private partnership co-chaired by Mayor Garcetti that supports minimal naturalization for legal permanent residents. This multi-city initiative grew to 42 cities encouraging support of Legal Permanent Residents through citizenship workshops that served 3,360 people.

MFLA also supported the Health4All initiative which reached over 235,000 individuals with information about how to access Medi-Cal after its full-scope expansion. The outreach program focused on low-income immigrant families through PSAs and in partnership with LAUSD, the L.A. Public Library, and other citywide organizations.

Key Impact

3,700+ people served

Issue Area

Citizenship & Immigration


Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs
California Endowment
California Community Foundation
Citi Community Foundation
Union Bank

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