Civil & Human Rights Program

Addressing long-standing discrimination impacting underserved communities.

Key Impact

Met with over 80 nonprofit and community organizations

The Civil & Human Rights Department supports programming of the newly created department addressing the long-standing discrimination impacting underserved and minority communities which denies equal treatment in private commerce, education, employment, and housing.

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Issue Area



City of Los Angeles
Civil & Human Rights Department, City of Los Angeles
Union Bank

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  • Summer Night Lights is a nationally recognized model of effective civic partnerships. By keeping L.A. parks open during summer nights, SNL curtains crime and provides space and programming for families and young people.

  • L.A.’s Women in STEM initiative promotes gender diversity and pay equity for women in STEM positions from entry-level to leadership through mentorship, networking, and community building programs for girls and women pursuing STEM careers.

  • To highlight progress toward gender equity in L.A., the event brought more than 1,000 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) students over three years together with inspiring women leaders from across sectors.

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