Disaster Relief – Mayor’s Disaster Advisory Council (MDAC)

The Mayor’s Disaster Advisory Council (MDAC) aims to advance the City’s effort in becoming the most prepared and resilient city in America.

Key Impact

Increased NotifyLA reach by 60+%

The Mayor’s Disaster Advisory Council (MDAC) serves as an advisory group of private sector leaders in support of emergency preparedness led by the City’s Department of Emergency Management. The MDAC also helps bring private resources to key projects that support City initiatives and services, or used to pilot new projects, that support the City’s emergency preparedness and response efforts. The MDAC focuses on community resilience, public awareness during an emergency, innovation and technology and regional collaboration.

Support of the MDAC helped to launch the update to Notify LA, the City’s official mass notification system used to send voice messages, text messages and email messages to residents and businesses during times of emergencies and disasters. The update increased the reach of Notify LA by 60%.

Issue Area

Disaster Relief & Recovery


Department of Emergency Management, City of Los Angeles
Annenberg Foundation

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