EY-Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR)

Boosting small business and entrepreneurship with private sector expertise and public sector reach by supporting Entrepreneurs-in-Residence annually with the support of EY.

EY-Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) program deploys expertise into the entrepreneurial community with the goal of designing practical interventions that stimulate entrepreneurialism and business development in the City. The Entrepreneurs are selected annually as experts in their field who take on different aspects of business development and entrepreneurship over the course of one year. EIRs partner with the City, academic institutions, and the private sector to identify best practices and policies that would support and grow the entrepreneurial community in Los Angeles. Past EIRs have focused on the following issues:

  • Revitalizing local manufacturing (Make It In LA)
  • Identifying capital needs in LA’s start-up ecosystem (Mayor’s Inaugural Venture Summit)
  • Improving and streamlining City processes for the restaurant industry
  • Increasing gender diversity in science and technology industries (WiSTEM)
  • Preparing for increased automation in the workplace
  • Tackling the diversity gap in below-the-line jobs in the entertainment industry (EVOLVE)
  • Participatory designing solutions to address Angelenos mobility needs using technology (Urban Movement Labs)
  • Developing financial security pathways for formerly homeless women (FreeFrom)
  • Extending collaboration between the creative community and Hollywood to expand Latino representation (LA Collab)
  • In support of COVID-19 pandemic recovery, supporting the online presence of small businesses (LA Optimized)

Key Impact

14 Entreprenneurs-in-Residence

Issue Area

Economic Development


Mayor's Office of Economic Development

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