Homelessness: Shelter Activation & Innovation Fund

Supporting opportunities with private funds to unlock and expand access for unhoused Angelenos to access temporary and permanent housing alternatives.

Key Impact

Unlocked 62 beds for unhoused transgender youth
More than 200 direct cash cards issued to date for move-in costs
More than 1,000 individuals supported by CIRCLE teams

The Shelter Activation and Innovation Fund (SAIF) was created to provide flexible resources to support shelter, temporary and bridge housing. With the restrictions of public funds, the SAIF fund invests in specific projects that ‘unlock’ or expand access to both temporary and permanent shelter for unhoused Angelenos.

In 2018, SAIF partnered with the YWCA to unlock access to 62 shelter beds with the investment of an HVAC system. More recently, SAIF has invested in direct cash support for move-in costs to ensure newly housed Angelenos are able to move in successfully into housing alternatives.

In 2022, MFLA partnered with the City of LA to support the CIRCLE pilot program, providing an alternative response to non-emergency 911 calls involving unhoused Angelenos in the Venice and Hollywood communities. CIRCLE Response Teams are available 24/7 to respond to calls while also proactively serving high-need areas. MFLA provided support to help renovate a City-owned facility converted into a Decompression Center in Hollywood to now include a safe space to refresh with food and water, sleep and rest, interact with case management resources and a storage space.

Issue Area

Homelessness & Housing


Mayor’s Office of City Homelessness Initiatives
Delta Airlines
The Ahmanson Foundation
Urban Alchemy

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