Imagine Racial Equity

A City-wide project to create a space for sustained community engagement, truth-telling, and restorative justice.

The Imagine Racial Equity project fosters understanding between city government and community members and promotes opportunities for community dialogue with government. The Imagine Racial Equity project works in consultation with the embRACE Equity Alliance, a broad coalition of L.A.-based social justice organizations that are committed to racial equity, encourage the use of truth-seeking models, and will coordinate a multi-stakeholder partnership that calls forth community voices and the lived experience of Angelenos. These community inputs prioritize those impacts on which the city should take immediate action, and explore restorative justice and/or reconciliation efforts.

The Infrastructure Equity Scorecard Pilot Project launched with the City’s Bureau of Engineering as a tool to guide investment in infrastructure with an understanding of equity, increasing access, system quality and long-term livability for communities that need it most. Following an environmental scan of related efforts, critical social, environmental and built environment criteria were identified for determining priority neighborhoods for investment. The work will result in an Infrastructure Equity Scorecard to test future projects against strategic equity-focused priorities of the City.

Key Impact

Goal is to develop an Infrastructure Equity Scorecard to map neighborhoods, systems and resources

Issue Area



Mayor’s Office of Economic Opportunity
City of Los Angeles
Hilton Foundation

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