Small Business Portal

To make doing business in L.A. easier for entrepreneurs and small operations, an L.A. Business Portal was created, and then translated into Spanish, for individual entrepreneurs and business owners to plan, start, manage, and grow local businesses.

Key Impact

Creation of a tool for small business owners to manage their business in the City of LA
Translated portal into Spanish

This one-stop shop provides entrepreneurs and small business owners with all the information they need to grow in L.A. in both English and Spanish.

Many small business owners do not have formal training in entrepreneurship and management, and fewer have a comprehensive understanding of regulatory requirements like registering their business with the city or state, or applying for the permits that let them operate legally and safely.

The primary agencies serving businesses in L.A. have their own websites containing detailed information, but with support from MFLA, a destination now exists to give small business owners the full picture. The L.A. Business Portal, developed in partnership with the Mayor’s Innovation Team in 2016, includes features like an events calendar, means to locate incentives and resources, and a business startup tool. Check it out here.

With further support through our SPARK grants, the L.A. Business Portal is now available in Spanish.

Issue Area

Economic Development


LA Employement & Workforce Development Department EWDD
LA Department of Building & Safety
Mayor’s Innovation Team
Mayor’s Office

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