Project Safe Haven

Direct Cash Assistance For Domestic Violence Survivors

Project Safe Haven secured safe housing for 1,500 survivors of domestic abuse during the pandemic along with meals, counseling and legal support for individuals and their children.

400+ Families

Placed in safe housing


DV survivors and children served


Direct-cash cards distributed for food/groceries

With domestic violence cases spiking at the beginning of the pandemic and the regional shelter system at capacity, Project Safe Haven launched to provide safe housing, meals and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence. Project Safe Haven served as the largest emergency domestic violence shelter in the country and increased the County’s shelter bed capacity by 150%. 

The program provided 16 weeks of support for victims of domestic abuse including shelter, meals and counseling and legal support for individuals and their children. Shelter was provided via partnerships with hotels throughout Los Angeles that agreed to provide rooms at a discounted rate, and meals were provided via reloadable direct-cash cards that were designated for use at grocery stores and other retail locations where survivors and their families could purchase food. Counseling and legal support were provided by nonprofit agencies that specialized in domestic violence and trafficking prevention; these agencies were responsible for intake of survivors and case management for the duration of each individual’s stay in the program.

At the peak of the pandemic, Project Safe Haven was housing 140 people a week.

Key Impact

More than $1.5 million granted to 11 non-profit DV service providers
$2.8 million distributed for 18 weeks of emergency housing

Issue Area

Disaster Relief & Recovery


Mayor’s Office of Public Safety
City of Los Angeles
Eleven Community-Based Nonprofits S
Six Residential/Long-Term Stay Hotels

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