Sustainable City pLAn

Introduced in 2015 with MFLA support, the Mayor’s Sustainable City pLAn and Green New Deal/pLAn 2.0 lay out bold goals and the strategies to get there.

Key Impact

Developed the City’s first ever Sustainable City pLAn (2015)
Launched LA’s Green New Deal pLAn 2.0 in 2019
Taken together, by 2050, the work and milestones of our Green New Deal are expected to save more than 1,600 lives, 660 trips to the hospital, and $16 billion in avoided healthcare expenses each year.

With aggressive targets and strong action, Los Angeles is on track to leading the way on aggressive goals for the city’s sustainable future.

The City’s first-ever Sustainable City pLAn launched in 2015 which unlocked partnerships across government, private and the nonprofit sectors to tackle the climate emergency with aggressive targets and bold action. These include meeting global emission targets as set during the Paris Climate Agreement; 20% water reduction with a 65% increase in local water supply through stormwater capture investments, and partnered with 97 mayors around the world through C40 including launching a Green Ports Forum and Global Youth and Mayor’s Forums to drive action locally.

In 2019, Mayor Garcetti launched the Los Angeles Green New Deal as an updated roadmap toward a safe, prosperous and livable Los Angeles, focusing on short-term results while advancing long-term, transformational goals. With its focus on environment, economy, and equity, LA’s Green New Deal is helping Angelenos achieve a cleaner, healthier, and safer city through partner initiatives, action tool kits and measurable targets towards success. It actively promotes resilience in L.A.’s infrastructure and economy in the face of external shocks with an intent to be updated with new goals and parameters as L.A. confronts challenges and works toward solutions, including the creation of a Climate Emergency Mobilization Office to amplify voices of underserved communities among other accomplishments.

Link to the Los Angeles Green New Deal Sustainability Plan 2019:

Issue Area

Sustainability & Resiliency


1,000 Angelenos participated in pLAn development
City Departments
Chief Sustainability Officer, Mayor’s Office, City of Los Angeles

Programs Similar to Sustainable City pLAn

  • To deliver on the Mayor’s bold Sustainable City pLAn, MFLA is partnering with the S.D. Bechtel, Jr Foundation to support an innovative data fellowship.

  • In partnership with the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, we’re working to apply the United Nations’ powerful framework right here in L.A. through a Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Executive Fellowship.

  • A citywide water conservation awareness campaign launched in 2015 to combat drought and promote good practices featuring Save the Drop.

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