Youth Employment Pilot

This innovative, tech-driven pilot provides young people with new ways to access employers and build long-term career paths, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Key Impact

125 new partnerships to increase the number of opportunities for employment for young Angelenos
Over 100 job placements

As a part of this pilot project which resulted in a searchable web application, young people were able to take a career assessment and connect with employers who match their interests.

For young people to break cycles of poverty, they need more than just a job. They need paths to a career.

With support from MFLA’s SPARK grants program, the Youth Employment Pilot build upon research and analysis from the University of Southern California (USC) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) to develop unique interventions: career assessment and job matching technologies. The pilot’s goal was to use technology to connect young people to career placements on a citywide scale.

Partnering with the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce and the City’s Economic and Workforce Development Department (EWDD), the pilot debuted, which provided youth with connections to employers and professional development opportunities.

Issue Area

Education & Workforce Development, Youth


Youth Development Department
Economic & Workforce Development Department
LA Area Chamber of Commerce
University of Southern California
Boston Consulting Group

Programs Similar to Youth Employment Pilot

  • Launched the City’s first College Promise program, offering two years of free community college to Los Angeles Unified School District graduates, which became a model for all of California.

  • The Mayor’s Young Ambassador Initiative was created to provide young, diverse Angelenos with the transformative experience of traveling abroad and connect them to global opportunities in L.A. and beyond.

  • The 2014 LA Summer of Learning (SOL) program transformed the City into a campus of learning for our most underserved youth.

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