Health Net

L.A. Care Health Plan

The Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation

$100,001 – $1,000,000


Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

Iger Bay Foundation*

Kaiser Permanente

Ring Foundation*

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Snap Inc.*

The California Endowment

The Wasserman Foundation

The Weingart Foundation

$25,001 – $100,000

Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation

Barry Meyer and Wendy Smith Meyer Household

Blue Shield California Promise Health Plan

Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Cruise LLC

East West Bank

Janice Bryant Howroyd

JRJ Corporation International

Lanning M. Melville Donor Advisory Fund

McDonald’s Corporation

The Ric & Suzanne Kayne Foundation

Tides Foundation

$5,001 – $25,000

Alex Sandoval Household

Allison Thomas Household

American Beverage Association

ATEC Water Systems, LLC

Brasa Capital Management

C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group

California Community Foundation

Cordoba Corporation

Delta Airlines

Dori and Charles Mostov

Fernando Szew Household

Gene Sykes Household

George Mata Household

Hanjin International Corp.

IDS Real Estate Group

International Union of Operation Engineers

J. Yang and Family Foundation

Jake Kasdan and Inara George Household

Judith Roth Goldman

Karen Mata Household

Kieffer Charitable Fund

Laborer’s International Union of North America (LIUNA 300), Local 300 AFL-CIO

Leslie Crosdale Household

Liliana Monge Household

Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council

Marketing Promotion Image, Inc.

Marta Kauffman Household

Matthew Gibson Household

Painters and Allied Trades District Council 36

Point of Difference Strategies

Renee Dake Wilson Household

Ring Foundation

Roberta A. Conroy Charitable Fund

Southern California I.B.E.W-N.E.C.A

Susan Saltz Burke Household

The Children’s Fund

Timothy Disney Household

Tom Unterman Household

Valadez Electrical Service LLC

Volando Concessions, LLC

$1,001 – $5,000

Adams Cowan Foundation

Allison Trefz Household

American Endowment Foundation

Ann Hollister Household

Barbara Meyer Household

Barbara Nagamoto

Benjamin Fernandez Household

Bernardine Brandis Household

Cindy & Mark Byrne Household

Dan Abrams

Desiree Acuna Household

Eddie Kislinger Household

Feicia Rosenfeld Household

George Hull Household

Harry “Skip” Brittenham and Heather Thomas Household

Heather Podesta Household

Jane Strouse Household

Jaynie Studenmund Household

Jean Firstenberg Household

Jeanne Hariton Household

John & Marilyn Wells Family Foundation

Jonathan Kaye Household

Joseph Yin

Julie Waxman Household

Karla Ruiz Household

Kathleen Brown Household

Ken Ziffren Household

Laurence Lang

LG Strategies, Inc.

Mahnaz and David Newman Charitable Fund

Manny Abascal

Marian Manzer

Mark Robertson Household

Mary Cheung Household

Mayer Brown LLP

MCR Investors LLC

Mercy Steenwyk Household

Michael Delijani Household

Nina Tassler Household

R. Edward Pfiester

Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Reg Harpur Household

Richard Foullon

Rob Lovelace & Alicia Minana Household

Robin Cottle Household

Russell Goldsmith Household

SEIU United Healthcare Workers West

Steve and Lenore Newman Household

Stuart Brown

Teena Hostovich Household

The Joe Edmonds and Linda Smith Family Fund

The Sobrato Family Foundation

Trang Spero Household

United Airlines

Wendy Garen Household

Wendy Greuel Household

William Wardlaw Household

$1,000 or less

Adam Sandler Household

Adam Schorr Household

Albert Ng Household

All Health

Alyson Goodall Household

Amna Qazi Household

Amy White Household

Andrew Martin del Campo Household

Andrew Skinner Household

Anna Rubin Household

Anthony Giron Household

Athena Perrakis Household

Aurora Uribe Household

Beate Quednau Household


Beryl Fogel Household

beth lieberman Household

Brandon Barnts Household

Brian Gutierrez Household

Bryan Ruiz Household

Camille Bratkowski Household

Candy Piscitelli Household

Carol Kurz Household

Carol Rosenberg Household

Carol Simone Household

Carol Steffen Household

Carolyn Rosenstein Household

Christen Hyde-Treuhaft Household

Cleveland Winge Household

Constance Freiberg Household

Constance Jackson Household

Cora Lanzisero Household

Daniel Roman Household

Daniel Shapiro Household

David Asplund Household

David Brisbin Household

Dawn Yamazi Household

Deborah Rothman Household

Dena Giovinazzo Household

Denise Nguyen Household

Dennis Hernandez Household

Diana Ingram Household

Diana Padilla Household

Diane Hata Household

Dodi Fromson Household

Donald Gerecht Household

Dorothy Shubin and Gregory A. Pieschala Household

Edith Levenson Household

Edward Romano Household

Eileen Donovan Household

Eleanor Beasley Household

Elizabeth Ms. Ruth-Abramian Household

Eman Elamin Household

Ernest Clements Household

Ethan Goldstine Household

Fred Dunn Household

George Pappy Household

Giselle Namazie Household

Goodworld Impact Fund Household

Guy Adan Household

Harlan Levinson Household

Harry Schwartz Household

Hector Garza Household

Herbert Bishop Household

Hugh Bender Household

Jackie Dupont-Walker Household

Jacqueline Freedman Household

Jacqueline L. Vernon Wagner Household

Jacquelynn Yvonne Hawthorne Household

James Bowen Household

Jane Jaquette Household

Janet Braun Household

Jeff Millman Household

Jeffrey I. Abrams and Michele Breslauer Fund

Jeffrey Newman Household

Jenifer Kramer Household

Jennifer Mayo Household

Jerrold GOLDSTEIN Household

Jihee Huh Household

Jim Berger Household

Jim Bickhart Household

Jimmie Woods-Gray Household

Joel Feuer Household

John Bilas Household

Jonathan Hobbs Household

Jorge Garza Household

Joyce Roessle Household

Julia Gouw Household

Kalpana Chakraburtty Household

Kate Anderson Household

Kathy and Kathy Igo Household

Kelley Dantzler Household

Ken Raymond Household

Larry Mr. Kaufman Household

Laurie Hasencamp Household

Lawrence Gaceta Household

Leh-Nien Loo Household

Lila Nastro Household

Lisa Specht Household

Liza Bercovici Household

Long Do Household

Lu Family Fund

Lynette Ms. Sakuda Household

Makeba James Household

Mara Beck Household

Marcia Strauss Household

Marcia Zimmer Household

Margaret McCarte Household

Marigrace Gleason Household

Marion Klein Household

Marlene Coca Household

Matthew Bourbeau Household

Melissa Earnhart Household

Mercedes Haefs Household

Meredith Brown Household

Michelle Contreras Household

Michelle Rotberg Household

Mike Tran

Miriam Muscarolas & Grant Abramson

Mohsin H Raza Household

Myna Levy Household

myra newman Household

Nancy H Rubin Household

Nancy Stephens Household

Nazila Doroodian Household

Ned T. Ryan

Neomia Lowe Household

Pamela Lewis Household

Paul Sterba Household

Peter & Randi Pritchard Household

Rachael Diaz Household

Ralph Levinson Household

Rebecca Burkhardt Household

Renee Brendel Konrad Household

Rhiannon Diaz Household

Richard Berger Household

Robert Garbus Household

Robert Gazzale Household

Robert Mason Household

Robert Raftery Household

Rochelle Robins Household

Ruth Eller Household

Ryan Small Household

Sarah Schroeder Household

Scott Dernley Household

Seung Jin and Seung Lee Household

State Compensation Insurance Fund

Stephanie Fieger Household

Stephanie Fossan Household

Steve Kubo Household

Susan and Donald McLaughlin Household

Taylor Dudley Household

The Mindling-Schulman Family Foundation

Theresa Gokhale Household

Theresa Lee

Tom Ara Household

Tom Binder Household

Tran Ho Household

Vanessa Bailey Household

Vearlean Hudson Household

Vince Lawler Household

Walter Duenas Household

Warren Loui and Rose Chan Loui Household

William Dorfman Household

William W. Hurtt Household

Yonatan Yihdego Household

*Reallocated funding

As of December 2023, the Mayor’s Fund For Los Angeles has adopted several reforms to its policy for accepting contributions. More more information on these reforms, read our statement here.

For additional donation information, please contact information@mayorsfundla.org.