We Are LA

Everyone deserves a safe, clean, affordable home

We Are LA, an initiative of the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, is focused on preventing evictions and connecting families to resources that can help them stay in their homes.

Call our hotline today for help: 213-584-1808

If you’ve received an eviction notice, we can help

We Are LA has engaged with more than 411,000 people

Of this group, more than 30,000 were connected with resources to help them stay housed.

Services Offered by We Are LA

Eligibility Screenings

Find resources for which you may qualify

If you are struggling to pay your rent, you may already qualify for programs that help pay for expenses like food, healthcare, and childcare. In some cases, assistance paying rent or back rent is even available. We Are LA’s trained case workers will help you determine which problems you qualify for and assist you with the application process.

Legal support

Obtain important legal information

Eviction is a legal process. It’s important to learn your rights and get help navigating the system. We Are LA can connect you to legal clinics, point you to reliable sources of information, and in some cases, get you free legal aid.


Attend in-person resource clinics

We Are LA is hosting free tenant resource clinics. Come meet with caseworkers face-to-face, and attend legal and financial planning clinics.

“I personally would never have been able to access these benefits without We Are LA.

I have technological limitations and you guys actually made me feel good about the process. I went from humiliation to confidence in my future. I just appreciate you so much. You’re heroes.”

Mr. Anderson, tenant supported by We Are LA

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